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My first Doobert experience!

Being a “mom” of so many past and present rescued dogs, it was great to be part of the amazing transportation teamwork which Doobert provides. I know how much joy and happiness my rescued dogs have been in my life. By being a Doobert volunteer, I hope I can help another person share similar experiences with a rescued dog as what mine have been for me.

I am impressed with the organizational efforts and dedication of all involved with this program. As I was driving down the highway with the five pups in my car, I considered myself entrusted with precious cargo (the puppies).  Above all else, I wanted the pups to be healthy and safe as I handed them off to Karen, the next driver.
And yes, I was relieved to know the pups arrived safely to their destination last evening. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to know that I was a part of that effort. Thank you, Doobert!

Marijean Stephenson

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