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National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day! Today is the day to show off your pet’s personal style. Do they have a collar, favorite sweater or even a Halloween costume? There are some benefits to dressing up your pet. Here are 5 reasons you should!

Clothes Can Show off Your Pet’s Personality24e4b42f6503ce2fcf1ed862b36543e5

Just like people, pets have their own personalities so they should show it off too! Whether they are tough, sweet, smart or sassy, they can dress the part.

You Wear Clothes, Your Pet Wants to Too

Does your pet follow you around every day? Sit right where you sit or even on your feet? Want to go outside when they see you going outside? If they do, it is safe to assume that anything you do, your pet will want to do as well. And that includes dressing up.

It’s Cold Outside

It’s winter in most places and it can get extremely cold. Why not give your pet a scarf or boots to protect them from the bitter cold.

The Center of Attention

To most people, our pet is the center of our world and we are sure they feel the same! They always come back for more treats and belly scratches so dress your pet up and they will be sure to receive even more attention from anyone they come across.

You Can Get Matching Outfits

It has been said that some people look just like their pet or vice versa, so why not go with it! Find an outfit that you can both wear and show off the bond between you and your fur friend.

Not only is it fun, it makes for a great photo. Remember the day for years to come when your pet was dressed as a bumble bee, a lion, a superhero or just in a sweater!

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