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National Kitten Day: A Good Day for Kitten Dips

National Kitten Day: A Good Day for Kitten Dips

National Kitten Day: A Good Day for Kitten Dips

Colleen Paige may have been inspired by adorable kittens when she launched the National Kitten Day back in 2012. But if you read stories about this national day, you’ll discover that her compelling reason is to encourage the adoption of cats and kittens and commemorate every year the joy they bring to us.

Do you happen to have a pet kitten in your house? If you do, why not give him a treat now that National Kitten Day is around the corner. But, treat is not just about food. Bathing a kitten can be a treat too! Cats aren’t afraid of water, contrary to popular belief. So, go ahead, treat your kitty to a warm bath. But follow these bathing tips to make him feel it’s an enjoyable dip and not a traumatic one.


Take your time.

Taking time isn’t just about doing it slowly. You also have to take steps to allow your pet to relax. Once you feel that your pet is at ease, get your damp washcloth and start cleaning your pet. Remember, your kitty is not a grown cat.

National Kitten Day: A Good Day for Kitten Dips

Wipe clean his paws first thing.  Observe his reaction. If he seems undisturbed by it, proceed with wiping upwards to his legs. If he continues to be generally calm, go on and do this on his trunk as well. Do not rush. Use another washcloth to wipe his face very gently. It is good to do this with the sound of water trickling from the faucet in the foreground. It gives him a clue about what could come next. Once he gets accustomed to this, you can move to the next phase that is giving him a full bath.

You will have to be relaxed while giving him a sponge bath. Your kitten will easily sense if you are and will up the chances of proceeding to give your pet a full water bath without issues.


Organize bath items

Prepare every bath item you need and keep them close at hand. You will need a medium-sized basin of lukewarm water, a pouring cup made of plastic, a tub that will fit your kitten in comfortably, unscented shampoo formulated for kittens, a fluffy towel, and extra folded towel.  It’s better to have someone who is on standby to assist you, especially if this is your kitten’s first time to bathe.

National Kitten Day: A Good Day for Kitten Dips

The level of water on the tub should be at the level of his paws. It will allow your kitten to feel the water without getting alarmed or excited. It will help to put a mat on the bottom of the tub (a folded towel, for instance) so his paws can grab onto it while bathing.


Bathe with extreme care

Using your small plastic cup, pour a little water over him, making sure that his face remains dry. Keep the water level at a minimum so as not to make him feel submerged in it. Mix some shampoo with water and use this to wash your cat. Avoid pouring shampoo directly on your kitten. You don’t need to wash his face since you have cleaned it earlier with the washcloth.

Rid his body of shampoo mixture by rinsing two to three times. Once done, gently pat him dry with a fluffy towel. Keep him thoroughly dry. You don’t want your kitten to feel damp and cold. If possible, postpone using a dryer. A warm fluffy towel is enough at this time.

National Kitten Day: A Good Day for Kitten Dips

The frequency of bathing a cat or a kitten isn’t the same as that with dogs. Some experts agree that once a month of bathing is safe and healthy for a kitten. It is also good to have cats experience bathing while still a kitten. He will get used to it early on.

National Kitten Day is a yearly reminder to keep pet kittens healthy, safe, and loved. Bathing them with care is one way of keeping them clean and healthy for the rest of their nine lives.

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