Thank you for wanting to become a Doobert organization. We want to keep Doobert safe for the animals (and people) so we require an extra level of review to obtain an organization account. Our goal is to ensure Doobert is only used by reputable animal welfare organizations. There are a couple of steps that we take to try and weed out organizations that are not aligned to our focus of being all about the best interest of the animals.
For every rescue organization application, we check ALL references. This is why we ask you to please contact your references to make sure they know that we will be reaching out to them. We want to hear what they have to say and appreciate their perspective in the process. Further, we do extensive research on organizations applying to be on Doobert to determine if there are patterns of negative behavior that do not align to Doobert’s mission and principles. We believe in complete transparency and so if we encounter any issues or concerns we will reach out to understand your perspective as well. Doobert is not here to pass judgment and we know there are always situations out of someone’s control. Our goal is to ensure the safety of the animals.
In addition to the background checking and verification of references provided, we at Doobert believe in supporting those organizations that are working in their community in a collaborative manner. Therefore we proactively contact other organizations within a radius from your zip code, to ask them about their experiences in working with you. Our intent is to identify organizations that do not align to our goals for support and collaboration. As you know, most references will say very positive things when asked. Why else would they be a reference? Our solicitation of input in your area is another way that we want to better understand your dedication to saving animals in a collaborative way. Like the background and reference information, if we encounter something that causes us concern, we will reach out to ensure we have your perspective and side of the story as well.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve and support you as you save animals. If there is ever a concern or question, or if you would like to provide additional feedback, please contact us at Thank you for what you are doing for the animals. We are proud to support you!