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How To Wash Your Dog After A Parvo Diagnosis

Washing your dog

How To Wash Your Dog After a Parvo Diagnosis

Canine Parvovirus is a disease that causes diarrhea and digestive issues, often leaving a big mess to clean up.  If your dog is experiencing Parvo symptoms, it may be scary to see her so sick and unable to control her bowels. Luckily, cleanup can be easy with a few simple steps!  

If your pet is experiencing frequent loose bowels, we suggest using disposable dog diapers to help control the mess and to keep the inside of your home clean.  Dog diapers can make a mess of your dog’s backside, and giving your dog a bath can keep her feeling clean and more comfortable, as well as reducing the amount of the virus left on her fur.  

dog bathThe virus will weaken your dog’s immune system, often leaving her weak and unable to stand for a bath.  Try to support your dog by holding her up while cleaning her, or help your dog sit down in the tub or shower.  If she tries to stand on her own, she may fall and injure herself so it is important to support your dog’s weight.  

Due to the severity of the illness, dogs are prone to hypothermia and cannot regulate their body temperature.  Do not immerse your pet completely in water in order to avoid her from becoming chilled. Instead, try using a detachable shower head to rinse your dog off with warm water.  Test the temperature of the water rinsing off your dog.

When it comes to soap, use a dog shampoo that is formulated for dogs with sensitive skin.  This will soothe and moisturize sensitive areas, in combination with protecting the skin. Constant diarrhea and intestinal issues can cause your dog’s backside to become irritated and very sensitive.  Try using this Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo, as it contains natural ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E to comfort and relieve your pet.

After a bath, wrap your dog up in a dry towel immediately to keep her warm.  Dogs that are experiencing Parvo symptoms can easily go into shock and need to be kept as warm as possible.  After your dog is dry, it is also recommended to have warm blankets nearby that your dog can snuggle up in after getting out of the water.  

Keep your dog quiet and calm, and let her rest for a while after expending so much energy.  

Simple activities such as taking a bath become strenuous tasks for a sick dog and require much more of their energy than usual.  Keep this in mind when partaking in other activities as well, and bring your dog into the veterinarian if your dog seems to be struggling more than usual.

Canine Parvovirus can be a scary diagnosis, but with the proper tools and education, you can get through the tough stuff.  

For more information about Canine Parvovirus and how to care for your dog, check out, and always consult your veterinarian for specific medical advice.  This article is not meant to be used as a replacement for professional veterinary advice. For any questions on Parvo, consult with your veterinarian.

Washing your dog after a parvo diagnosis

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