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Dog Adoption Tip #21 – Pet Sitting

pet sitting

Today’s tip is all about pet sitters and boarding.  While it is lovely for a dog to live in a home where somebody is around all day, that is not always possible.  Yes, we have responsibilities like work, but it’s important for our dogs to get potty breaks, exercise and stimulation while we are out.  It’s part of our responsibility as a quality pet parent.

pet sittingThe good news is there are options!  Since there are more dogs living in households than ever before, there are also more pet sitting and dog walking businesses than ever before.  You can easily find a trusted dog walker or pet sitter to take your pup for a walk during the day if you work outside of the home. This person can also pet sit, meaning stay in your home when you travel.  If that’s cost prohibitive or if you prefer a doggie daycare, there are more of those than ever before as well. Doggie daycare is a great option where your dog gets socialized and receives plenty of attention and stimulation during the day.  

Here is today’s tip:

A dog walker or a pet sitter can walk your dog, and/or stay in your home making sure your dog is safe, well exercised, and attended to while you are away. Some doggie daycare centers offer overnight boarding for when you travel, some just offer daytime care, and others only offer overnight boarding.  The best place to start is by soliciting feedback from people you know and trust. And if you’re looking for a trusted pet sitter and you don’t have any recommendations, check out Pet Sitters International.  They are a great resource for everything about professional pet-sitting. For more resources, check out What to Expect When Adopting a Dog.

Tip 21 - Benefits of a pet sitter

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