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Pilots to the Rescue and Doobert Create a Partnership to Save More Animals


Contact:   Madeleine Fiello
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Pilots to the Rescue and Create a Partnership to Save More Animals

Pewaukee, WI – Late September, Pilots to the Rescue and partnered up to save more animals.

Pilots to the Rescue is an organization with the goal of transporting animals at risk of euthanasia via flights.  Pilots to the Rescue has a network of volunteer pilots, shelters, ground teams, and veterinarians.

Founders Michael Schneider and Brian Orter had their first animal rescue mission in the summer of 2014 and have been dedicated to saving animals ever since.

With, joining Pilots to the Rescue is now easier than ever! Volunteers use the custom-built software on to save animals by volunteering, fostering, and/or transporting animals.  This software helps solve the most difficult aspect of coordinating animal rescues: transportation.  With, animal lovers around the country come together to bring animals to their forever homes.

“ has an amazing eco-system and we are proud to be a part of it!” said founder and rescue pilot Michael Schneider. “Now Pilots to the Rescue has access to a huge volunteer network and the best coordination system out there.” members are looking forward to the new partnership and opportunities to rescue animals.  Now users from both organizations can come together to save more animals all over the country!

Volunteers and organizations can sign up for free to rescue more animals at


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