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Poem for Beau by Lily

2# free style “the dog beau”
A hour drive across to meet a mysterious thing.
My mom drives as we listen to the radio.
We sat in our car at a gas station and waited to see what would bring.
Another car arrived next to us, they opened up their car door to find a beau!
The driver handed us a pack of all the things beau would need.
The driver gave her last wave to beau as we drove off.
Beau was said to be a pit bull, but he didn’t exactly look like that breed.
When the drive had finished it was midnight, there we’d have our tradeoff.
We met at the dog park, One of the last times I’d see that dog.
I was sad to leave him, but knowing letting beau go meant him having a family.
We participated in driving a dog all the way to his home, happily.
So, I guess this is our final goodbye, Beau.

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