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Doobert and Liberty Ride Transport Relocate Three Dogs


Contact:   Madeleine Fiello
(262) 456-3344                                                                                                                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE and Liberty Ride Transport Team Up to Relocate Three Dogs

Colorado Springs, CO — This past week, volunteers came together using the software to transport three dogs from Dallas, TX to Denver Dachshunds Rescue in Colorado Springs, CO.

These unique and friendly dogs need new homes so they can finally receive the love they deserve.  In the meantime, Denver Dachshunds Rescue provides them with the love and care they need.


Liberty Ride Transport organized the over 700-mile trip using the Doobert software.  Volunteers then took turns driving the trio up to their new rescue.

“I love being a part of a team that has the same vision!” says a volunteer. “It’s always an honor to transport for Liberty Ride Transport.”

The dogs, Helen, Felix, and Girl, are all unique, friendly, and smart.  Helen is a blind and mostly deaf dapple mix.  Her previous owners surrendered her to a rescue when they could no longer care for her.  She is well-adjusted to her disabilities and moves around by following her nose and using the shadow information she gets from her eyes.  Felix is a friendly and happy pup that was rescued after a history of physical abuse.  All these dogs are sweet, affectionate, and in need of a second chance.

Volunteers use the custom-built software on to save animals by volunteering, fostering, and/or transporting animals.  This software helps solve the most difficult aspect of coordinating animal rescues: transportation.  With, animal lovers around the country come together to bring animals to their forever homes.

Volunteers and organizations can sign up for free to rescue more animals at


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