Every animal deserves the chance to leave pawprints on someone’s heart

Shelters for animals are everywhere and are scattered geographically across the United States. Many times an animal from one animal shelter needs to be transported to a destination that is far-far away. Coordinated efforts of our volunteers at Doobert.com are essential for the smooth transition of an animal from a shelter to its new home. Whether it is as a rescue relay transport driver, a rescue relay transport pilot or a photographer, we have a consolidated map that marks each of our volunteers so that those who plan to transport a rescue animal from one area to another can find the right drivers, fosters and other shelter organizations that are willing to help.

The Doobert.com system will automatically send requests to available Doobert animal rescue volunteers and you can locate a particular user, transport, rescue or shelter near you on the map display below easily.

Here, you can see all the Doobert.com users located across the country: