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Episode 134 – Siri Zwemke

Episode 134 – Siri Zwemke

Siri Zwemke
Siri Zwemke is the Director and Founder of Siamese Cat Rescue, which has been placing cats for more than 20 years.  An entirely internet based organization, they have placed more than 12,000 cats over a 20 state area and are proudly supported by more than 1,000 volunteers that do transport, fostering, evaluation and many other tasks.  Siri recently wrote the book “Rescue Meez” which details the events and learning that she’s had along the journey of running the organization.  Through Siri’s leadership Siamese Cat Rescue continues to evolve and is focusing more attention on TNR and home-to-home placements in addition to providing mentoring and support for Siamese cats already in loving homes.


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