With FosterSpace, applying to foster an animal is easier than ever!

Once you’ve created your foster profile, submitting an application will be a breeze! Here are two ways to do it:

Option 1: Applying via email.

After creating your Doobert foster profile, animal welfare organizations will be able to notify you about foster requests for animals within your radius via email.
  • When you come across an animal you want to foster from a foster request email, click Apply.
  • Before your foster application is submitted, you’ll be able to review or edit your foster profile if you need to.
  • If your profile is good to go, click Submit.

Option 2: Applying via search results.

When you find an animal that you want to foster while browsing through search results, click on the animal’s name to view more information.
  • To apply as a foster, click the Foster Me button.
  • Review or edit your foster profile if needed and confirm your application by clicking Submit.