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Sweet Molly the Boxer

Sweet Molly the Boxer

Molly is such a sweet, sweet spirit. This was an amazing day for me… my first transport too!!

So at first, in the car, Molly was panting a lot… I had on the A/C, so I wasn’t sure if she was hot or nervous. She was pacing a bit too, from one window to the other – seemed excited/happy? but also felt like some nervous tension maybe. So after a few minutes, I decided to play some calming music that I love and sang along to it (ok, I admit I was singing to/for Molly, LOL). Literally, within seconds her breathing calmed, she stuck her head between the front seats and placed it sort of in the crook of my arm/shoulder (I was rubbing her head), sighed deeply and fell asleep. We stayed that way awhile (and I was wondering if my arm would hold out, LOL!) but then she curled up in the back seat and slept. About 10 minutes from Monica’s I turned off the music, and again within seconds she perked up and started looking out the windows, but there was no more panting and she seemed relaxed.

I’ll never forget Molly or this experience, and the amazing team that made it happen. Thank you, everyone!

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  1. Nicole Sandler May 5, 2019 at 2:53 pm - Reply

    Wonderful and sweet story about Molly the boxer. Thank you for sharing!

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