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The Dirty Truth Behind Dog Poop: What are Its Environmental and Health Hazards?

The Dirty Truth Behind Dog Poop: What are Its Environmental and Health Hazards?

We all know that dog ownership comes with responsibilities, one of which is scooping up after our furry friends. But did you know that not picking up dog poop can have serious consequences?


Not only can it be messy and an eyesore, but it can also cause many environmental and health problems for humans. 


In this blog, we will be diving into the hazards of dog poop in the environment and our health. 


Environmental Impact of Dog Poop 

Dog waste isn’t just an eyesore, it can also have a negative impact on our environment. 


Feces from dogs contain high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus which are essential nutrients for soil and plants, however, too much of these nutrients in one area can significantly damage soil quality. 


Uncollected dog waste is often washed away by rainwater runoff into nearby bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and streams where the nutrient overload leads to algal blooms which deplete oxygen levels so much that fish die in large quantities. 


Hazards to Human Health 

In addition to its effects on the environment, pet waste can also pose serious risks to human health if not handled properly. 


The bacteria found in dog feces can also contaminate drinking water sources if they wash into groundwater, putting people at risk for gastrointestinal illnesses like E. coli or salmonella poisoning. 


Additionally, some bacteria associated with pet feces such as salmonella or campylobacteriosis can cause skin infections or other illnesses if someone comes into contact with contaminated soil or water sources contaminated by pet waste runoff.


What Can We Do? 

The best way to protect ourselves from the hazards posed by dog poop is by picking it up immediately after your pup does its business. 


To prevent further spread, it is vital to dispose of it properly in a sealed bag in the trash. Alternatively, your dog’s waste can turn into an environmental treasure! 


Recently, our friends at Enviro Pet Waste Network operates a program called EnviroWagg, which transforms pet waste into a beneficial soil enhancer in an effort to build a more sustainable future. The compost is safe, has a pleasant smell, and can provide a rich diversity of nutrients for healthy plants.

The Dirty Truth Behind Dog Poop: What are Its Environmental and Health Hazards?

They are currently in the phase of finding out more about how dog owners think about and handle pet waste. We are circulating this survey to dog owners in order to collect more information for their mission and every respondent will help create a cleaner, greener earth for both people and animals.


Click this survey link to participate. All responses are anonymous and results are automatically tallied.


Let’s Make a Greener World, One Dog Poop at a Time! 

Dog poop may seem like an innocent nuisance at first glance but its effects on our environment go far beyond what meets the eye. 


Not only does it contain various bacteria and parasites that pose potential health risks for humans, but it also contributes to excessive plant growth which can lead to oxygen depletion in nearby water sources. 


To prevent any further contamination from occurring, it’s important that all pet owners practice proper disposal techniques when dealing with their pet’s waste products.


By following these simple steps each and every day we can ensure both our safety as well as the safety of our environment now and into the future!

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