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The “Grady” Bunch (w/Benji!)

Grady had Benji added, and the run was almost complete when I signed up for the next-to-final leg. I had done another “puppy run” that afternoon along I 95, and now was on I 85 late evening. (Glad I like to drive!)

Because I am NOT on FaceBook, I ask drivers of previous legs to text me with ETAs. I have a self-made run sheet with transfer times, so I can gauge when to leave my hometown to meet the handoff-to-me driver.

I was on the way, due to a “run is slightly late” posting, but one of the intervening drivers had a double run (so no transfer time in the middle). I got a text from the lady who just handed it off at the previous exchange, and now it was 20 minutes EARLY!

I had to exceed my usual speed so as not to make the puppies wait. Benji is a year old, but Grady is only 10 weeks, and NPOG (no paws on the ground)
I did get to the Cracker Barrel transfer point ALMOST at the new (early) time, got the puppies transferred, and brought them home for overnight at our house. They were the most relaxed part of the trip! No problems with PPP (pee, poop, potty).

In sum, I always try to be early to a transfer, but I need to know, at least one or two legs ahead, what the scheduled run time is. And I always enjoy riding with the dogs and my cool car magnetic signs!

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