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The Struggles of Promoting Animal Shelter Programs

The Struggles of Promoting and Marketing Animal Shelter Programs and How to Solve It?

Animal shelters around the globe have a long list of challenges that makes their quest and journey of uniting abandoned animals with good families much more difficult. Aside from public ignorance, lack of centralized funding, and overpopulation, animal shelters face one more major problem – good marketing and promotional strategies that can push more attention to shelters. 

It is a problem as it robs the shelter of an excellent chance to reach a broader audience and build a stronger community.


What Does Good Marketing Do For Shelters?

A good marketing strategy and excellent marketing can help place more animals in good homes. They can also help widen the shelter’s reach and make contact with more sponsors, donators, and volunteers. With better marketing and promotion, just about any shelter can witness immense growth. 

Getting dogs into excellent and decent homes is not precisely an easy task to accomplish. You can take your shelter’s marketing to a new level with more passion, effort, and creativity! Good promotion of your shelter programs can put your nonprofit on the map and on the radar of more pet parents looking for more animals to include in their families! For that, you need an excellent marketing genius for a partner! 


Parenting.Pet For Your Marketing Needs is a business that specializes in generating shelter marketing strategies! It is a strategic planning service business aiming to develop progressive solutions for easy promotion and engagement! Specifically, the company focuses on facilitating relationships between pet care brands and pet welfare organizations in an effort to represent shelter pets in pet brand marketing!

Parenting.Pet website

Parenting.Pet has a mission to promote shelter pets in media and normalize the look of “America’s dog” being a typically larger, boxy-headed dog over a small, designer-bred dog.

Their team does most of the upfront work on your behalf! They are responsible for organizing pre-negotiated funding programs, passive donation options, and handing out event and marketing packets! 

They also offer a new pet support program – an automated program for newly dubbed pet parents! It is a guide for the first two months post-adoption period. The program also involves consistent automated emails and texts with tips for check-ins and access to an interactive, personalized pet planner. 

One of their best services includes content creation and social media marketing! They can create content, write captions, make event announcements, and strategically post to capture more engagement. 

Doing so will help bring more attention to your shelter! You can expect well-scheduled social media posts with pre-written content and beautiful designs ready for sharing! 

Parenting.Pet website



Learn more about the services of by visiting their official website! Subscribe to the offers and services they offer now! 

They have an easy-to-navigate mini-site containing all the information you need to know and more! With, you can focus more on the animals’ welfare and leave the fund-generating marketing strategies to their team! 

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