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The Animal Cause
Doobert - helping you help animals

The Animal Cause is a nonprofit animal services organization focused on saving shelter animals and uniting animal advocates to improve animal welfare.

We save shelter animals through sharing/networking/crossposting them across social media so more people see these animals in need. We are always recruiting virtual volunteers to help with this overwhelming volume of work.

Our Motto: "Unite all animal advocates!" Therefore we never compete but collaborate or support the efforts of other organizations.

"Our Vision is to save, rehabilitate, re-socialize and train these unwanted pets to put into service for people in need. People who are lonely, depressed, mourning a loss, fighting dependencies, fighting disease, going through divorce, etc. People have forgotten that our lives should be filled with laughter, joy, comfort and love; these are the very things pets live to do for us! We want to remind people pets have a purpose and can bring us so much; asking so little of us in return. We additionally intend to put some of these animals into active service such as law enforcement or military service. We shouldn't be abandoning and killing these animals, we should be enjoying their unconditional love!

The Animal Cause has so many programs and so much more in blue print ready for the right timing with the right resources to help educate, engage and create positive changes! Domesticated / Companion animals need all of us to come together now!"


- Brandi Priest

Founder of The Animal Cause



TAC Transport

TAC Rescue



TAC Foster Program

TAC Partnership Program

Advisory Panels

Virtual Social Media Volunteers

Remote Shelter Volunteers

Rescue Coordination

Repurposing Shelter Animals into Service Animals

And many more....

The Animal Cause is always looking for partners! We partner with individuals, volunteers, rescues, transporters, veterinarians, organizations, and companies; within and outside of animal welfare. Contact us to learn more!


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