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Two Dogs, a Private Jet and a Celebrity

jackieexcitedMeet Rocket and Jackie! They did not have a normal transport, they traveled in luxury. Part of their journey included flying to their new rescue and not in any old plane, a private jet!

Pilots to the Rescue set up the transport for these two. Pilots to the Rescue’s mission is to save potential pets facing euthanasia using an advanced rescue flight system. With trained pilots, shelters, ground teams and veterinarians, Pilots to the Rescue gives little souls filled with unconditional love a second chance in a furever home. This transport was the first one that Pilots to the Rescue had a corporate airline, Turnberry Associates, volunteer their flight services.

rocketjetRocket and Jackie were in The Humane Society of Miami. With Rocket and Jackie being older dogs, they knew they had to get them out of the shelter and somewhere new. With that, they were on their way to Nova Scotia, Canada! Rocket and Jackie headed out on their transport to The Coastal K9 Shelter. Along the way, they had many stops on the east coast and even met celebrity David Blaine!

At Pilots to the Rescue they say, “We believe our rescue dogs deserve the best of the best during transport. In fact, during the flight with Turnberry Associates, the dogs were able to wander freely instead of being in their cages.”

Rocket and Jackie are older, small/medium dogs. Rocket is a black and white mix and Jackie is a white and tan terrier mix. When he arrived in Nova Scotia, Rocket was adopted within a week! His new family includes a little girl who couldn’t be happier to have a new pup.

Jackie who is a white and tan terrier mix is also an older dog. During their transport, Jackie was adopted by a family who runs a training facility in New York!Pilots-to-the-rescue-logo

Doobert volunteers took Rocket and Jackie from Teterboro, New Jersey to Antigonish, Nova Scotia, traveling over 900 miles during those legs. A private plane, meeting a celebrity and finding furever homes? These two are well loved. To learn more about Pilots to the Rescue click here.

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