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Wear out or rust out. The choice is yours.

“We must either wear out or rust out every one of us. My choice is to wear out.”
— Theodore Roosevelt

As I explained in a previous post, 2018 is a year for me to push forward on the stick of my life, to not hold back and to move to full speed ahead.  This will be the year that I will take chances, forge a path and not worry about being wrong or making a mistake.  If I have a choice, I plan to wear out trying to advance the cause of animal rescue, rather than rust out by playing it safe waiting for someone else to take the lead.

Summer Road Trip 423 UT – Crater Island – Tungsten Mill – Rusty Car

Each of us has a choice in how we live our life and each of us got involved with animal rescue to make a difference in the lives of our four-legged friends.  Whatever the motivation was for you to get involved, and whatever the reason you keep pursuing your rescue activities, you still have a choice on how you go about it, the same as you have a choice on how you are going about your life.  Similar to the quote from Theodore Roosevelt about wearing out or rusting out, is a quote by H. Jackson Brown Jr., from “The Complete Life’s Little Instruction Book”: “Seek opportunity, not security.   A boat in the harbor is safe, but in time its bottom will rot out.”  So ask yourself, what am I doing with my animal rescue activities?  Am I playing it safe, doing what I know and what has been done before, or am I choosing a different path not yet taken?

There are many opportunities for you to help animals.  Whether doing rescue relay transport, legislative campaigns, fostering or even starting a re-homing program, the opportunities are there for you to seize and take a hold of.

Will you wear out or rust out?  Let the world know!

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