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What Time Of Day Should I Deworm My Dog?

what time of day should i deworm

Have you ever asked yourself, “what time of day should I deworm my dog?” It’s a common query, and the most direct answer to that is to deworm after a good meal. Continue reading this article as we help you explore and analyze things related to deworming!


Why Deworming Is Necessary

Dogs are perfect hosts for parasites like worms. Since they often sniff, lick, and ingest dirt or trash, they’ll inevitably invite pests.

Other than oral ingestions, they can also transfer worms through their milk while nursing or via skin penetration. Parasites may worm their way into the dogs through those actions and cause chronic gastrointestinal problems. It is best to be cautious and know more about these parasites and what they may cause.

Some common worms that may get to dogs are heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, and whipworms. You can also familiarize yourself with signs that may indicate that your dog needs to deworm by taking note of the following:

  • Appetite increase and endless hunger
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Flea infestation
  • Losing weight
  • Sudden weakness
  • Inflated stomach
  • Worms or fragments of them on your dog’s stool or vomit are the most obvious sign to know.
  • Worm’s appearance on the back end or tail of your dog
  • When they rub their hind end due to itchiness

If your dog appears with more than half of the symptoms indicated above, it is best to immediately go to the vet and let them undergo a check-up. Proceeding to the deworming on your own isn’t advisable as many dewormer products may not work for specific kinds of worms.

Dogs that didn’t undergo treatment despite the blatant signs of worms might suffer and face more problems one after another.


What To Take Note Of

You have to take note of multiple things, yet the most you can do for your pup is to pay close attention and be there for them as much as possible. You’ll also find more important information that you should know below.

The best way to protect your dogs is by applying preventative measures. See the following to know what you can do to help your pup:

  1. Control and eradicate the pests that may carry worms, such as fleas and mosquitoes.
  2. Keep your area, inside and outside, clean and neat.
  3. Remember to visit the vet for your dog’s scheduled check-up. If you saw some signs of a worm on your pet, whether sure or not, it’s best to go to the vet for extra assurance.
  4. Keep your pup free from fleas through collars or skin medicine.
  5. If your dog was diagnosed with worms, it is best to follow through with a vet’s given prescription.
  6. Clean up after your dog’s poop.
  7. Give them a separate bed.

Here are some of the most common mistakes when trying to deworm your pup:

  1. One might forget the second dose of anti-parasitic medication a few days later.
  2. Proceeding to antiparasitic treatment without knowing the dog’s weight might lead to underdosing or overdosing.
  3. Thinking that all internal anti-parasitics are effective against all parasite species.
  4. Assuming that you should deworm a pet every three to six months or yearly.
  5. Orally administering the anti-parasitic without ensuring that it is thoroughly ingested and digested.
  6. You are deworming only one of your pets when you have more than one.
  7. Medicating your pet independently. It is a common mistake a pup owner makes; please remember to consult a vet before proceeding with any medication.


How To Deworm Your Dog

what time of day should i deworm

If you’re asking yourself, “what time of day should I deworm my pet,” it is best to treat dog worms after a meal since it helps minimize the negative impact on them. Also, trusting the recommended schedule of your trusted vet is a safer option to follow.

Is it possible to deworm a dog by yourself? For assurance, dogs should undergo a check-up and get officially diagnosed; the vet would then help you safely deworm. Without prior knowledge, you might pick the incorrect medication for your pup, and that might cause more trouble.


Deworming Done in the Clinic

The vet would give the medicine through the mouth or a shot, which are specifically targeted at parasites and aren’t poisonous to dogs. Most of the medication given by vets can target multiple kinds of worms. After the procedure, you may notice a number of dog worms in poop and can rest assured that your furry buddy is safe from parasites.



Deworming your dog not only helps them, but it also protects you from getting contaminated by these worms. Hopefully, this article has enlightened you regarding the query, “what time of day should I deworm my dog.”

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