Why we do what we do…

By joining the Doobert community, you believe like we do that…

  • All animals deserve to live a life free from hunger and thirst; a life that is free from pain, injury, disease or discomfort; a life where they are free to exhibit their normal behavior and to live without fear or distress.
  • The companion animal overpopulation problem is one that was created by humans and one that can be solved by humans in responsible ways that do not include euthanization simply due to location specific overpopulation.
  • By working together as a community, sharing our resources and supporting one another, we can have a more significant impact on the lives of animals than by working alone or in competition with one another.
  • Passion, purpose, and perseverance will overcome fear, uncertainty, and change as we work together to create a world where sentient beings co-habitat and live together in unity.

We know that together we can save more animals and we are proud to support your passion!