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10 Healthy Human Foods That Are Safe For Cats

10 Healthy Human Foods That Are Safe For Cats

Some cats are ravenous when they find human food; it’s a common situation for owners to see their pets rummaging through the pantry or fruit basket. Naturally, people wonder which foods cats can eat; this article will explain human foods that are safe for cats and the nutritional value they give these pets.


Can Cats Eat Human Food?

Cats will ask for food from their owners when they smell a new odor in the kitchen. These pets are also curious, so they will want to check any food item with an interesting smell!

Some people like giving their cats treats as it develops a closer bond with these animals. However, standard cat food is enough nutrition for these felines to be healthy.

Cats are obligate carnivores, requiring meat to have proper nutrition. However, occasional grains, fruits, and vegetables can be an exciting treat for these felines.


Human Food Safe For Cats

Responsible pet owners must consider human foods that are safe for cats before giving their pets additional snacks. Luckily, several human food items are healthy for cats, as long as owners feed these products in moderation.

Here are the most common healthy human food items safe for cats:


1. Apples

It’s common for owners to find their cats sniffing the fruits in a bowl; some may wonder, “can cats have apples?” Luckily, they can enjoy this fruit in moderate amounts! 

Owners can give their pets raw or cooked apples on occasion. Only provide these felines with the meat, as apple leaves, stems, and seeds contain cyanide.

People should avoid dried fruit and apple juice, as these products contain added sugars. These fruits contain fiber, so giving too much to a cat may cause stomach problems.


2. Rice

Some pet owners wonder, “Can cats eat rice?” Several cat food products contain this grain, so it’s a safe food option for felines. 

Rice can help with stomach issues and diarrhea as it is easier to digest than other grains. However, this grain must be at most 25% of the cats’ meal as they need more protein.

Owners must ensure the rice is cooked before feeding it to their cats. Uncooked grains are choking hazards, bad for digestion, and contain the pesticide lectin. 


3. Bananas

Bananas are an excellent treat for cats as they contain soluble fiber and potassium. However, owners should only feed felines this fruit a little as it isn’t an essential diet piece.


4. Avocados

Avocados are one of the world’s favorite superfoods, so can cats have avocados too? Fortunately, cats can enjoy this delicious and creamy fruit!

These fruits have protein and healthy fats, and some cat food companies integrate them into their products. Owners can give this small daily treat to their pets in moderation; too many avocados may cause stomach problems in cats.


5. Oatmeal

This cereal has vitamin B and energy that can benefit cats; some companies use oatmeal as an additional ingredient in their products. 

Owners must gradually introduce oatmeal into their felines’ diet, as this grain is an acquired taste for most cats.


6. Pumpkin

Pumpkins have high fiber, so this vegetable is perfect for cats with stomach problems. Incorporating pumpkins into a cat’s diet will help regulate its stool movement.

These vegetables are low-calorie, so there’s less risk of cats becoming obese when eating this treat.


7. Carrots

Some pet owners wonder, “Can cats eat carrots?” This vegetable is safe for cats and may provide them with extra nutrients. Carrots have beta-carotene, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E, zinc, phosphorus, folate, and fiber. These nutrients will help make pet cats healthier.

However, carrots don’t contain protein, an essential nutrient in a cat’s diet. So, owners should limit this vegetable serving.

People should only give their cats cooked carrots with no added spices. Raw carrots are a risky choking hazard for pets, especially kittens. 


8. Cheese

Cheese has protein and calcium that are highly beneficial to felines. Owners can feed this food to their cats raw or baked into some treats.


9. Blueberries

These berries have antioxidants and vitamins C and A. Some specialty cat food brands incorporate blueberries into their products to give added nutritional value. 

Some cats like the sensation of snacking on frozen blueberries, so they’re enriching pet treats.


10. Corn

Some owners wonder, “Can cats eat corn?” Yes, cats can eat corn, and it’s a common filler ingredient in commercial cat foods.

Corn has fiber and protein, so it’s a healthy snack for felines. However, cats must only eat this grain in small servings, at most once a week. 

Owners should avoid giving corn leaves and husks, as these are choking hazards, and processed corn products like cornstarch, corn chips, and popcorn. Processed corn products have added salts and sugars that are unsafe for cats. 


How To Safely Feed Cats Human Food

10 Healthy Human Foods That Are Safe For Cats

An essential tip for pet owners is to give human food in moderate amounts. Keep the 10% ratio for treats and limit them to 20 calories per day.

Once cats start gaining excessive weight from human treats, owners must give treats more sparingly. Cats may show stomach upset when they try new food, but that is normal. 

Give cats variety with their treats, and constantly research the health benefits before giving them. Remember to maintain a high meat ratio in a cat’s diet to keep them healthy. 



Pet owners always ask about human foods that are safe for cats. Luckily, felines can enjoy a wide choice of grains, fruits, and vegetables while keeping their high-protein diet. Owners must check the nutritional value and portion recommendations with their veterinarians before introducing new treats to their pets. 

If you want to learn more about healthy cat treats, visit and sign up to be a volunteer! You can find answers to your nutritional cat care questions on this website! 

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