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3 Dietary Ways On How To Treat Anemia In Cats Naturally

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Anemia is not only a human ailment; a feline pal can suffer from it too. A cat suffering from anemia has insufficient hemoglobin or red blood cells in his blood. It implies that the cats’ blood ability to carry oxygen has diminished, which causes them to be less energetic.

Some remedies might help you in controlling and avoiding feline anemia. If you want to know how to treat anemia in cats naturally, read until the end!

Causes of Anemia in Cats

Red blood cell loss, destruction, or insufficient formation contribute to anemia. It is characterized by a decrease in the number of red blood cells. Regenerative and non-regenerative anemias are the two forms that your feline friends can have.

Regenerative Anemia

If the body is creating extra red blood cells, regenerative anemia develops. It may be because of:

  • Blood loss (internally or externally) from parasites, tumors, accidents, or ulcers
  • Hemolysis (when the system damages red blood cells since they seem abnormal)
  • Infection
  • Toxins (through inadvertent intake of food, heavy metal ions, medicines, or other elements)

Non-Regenerative Anemia

Non-regenerative anemia occurs when the body stops producing new red blood cells. It may be because of:

Signs of Anemia in Cats

In an anemic cat, the blood will carry less oxygen, and you may notice various symptoms.

Lethargy is frequently the first sign of anemia since it deprives the body of oxygen, which requires energy. The energy level of an anemic cat may be low, and it may also sleep much more than usual. Due to red blood cell breakdown, the cats’ gums may appear virtually white or even yellow (jaundice).

In severe cases, the cat may experience breathing difficulties. Respiratory and heart rates may rise as the body tries to comprise the red blood cells’ reduced ability to carry oxygen throughout the body.

Fever and loss of appetite is also a sign of anemia. It may be brought on by an infection or an inflammatory reaction, depending on the etiology of the anemia. Blood loss in the stomach or intestines can result in cat blood in stool or black stool. This is different from a normal cat poop that’s usually dark brown and malleable.

However, the symptoms of anemia can be difficult to recognize. If a cat has had anemia for some time, their body would probably have time to make up for it, so it may not exhibit any symptoms when they are at home.

Natural Dietary Ways To Treat Cats With Anemia

If your cat is found to be iron deficient or has anemia, foods rich in iron can be an addition to a cat’s diet. It is also one of the easiest and most effective ways to maintain the cat’s iron count.

To know more about how to treat anemia in cats naturally, here is the list of foods to feed your feline friend with anemia.

1. Lean meat

Lean meats, including cooked chicken, pork, or beef (only ensure that you will trim the fat as they can cause pancreatitis), can be a tasty treat and enhance your cats’ protein consumption. Lean meat is a good source of iron and B vitamins that are important for your cats’ metabolism.

2. Fish

Fish is a favorite food for domestic cats, who happily eat, whether raw or cooked. It is worthwhile to spend the time and effort to boil the fish beforehand because frequent ingestion of raw fish might result in a vitamin B deficiency.

Even though cats must eat meat, a diet consisting only of fresh fish can be unhealthy. Cat owners must limit their cat’s fish consumption to once per week.

3. Vegetables

Though cats are carnivores, adding cat-safe, iron-rich fruits and vegetables that your cat will tolerate is a method to help improve your cat’s red blood cell count, changing the diet cats eat. It is done through proper consultation with your veterinarian first.

When examining a cat’s diet, green beans seem like a strange yet iron-rich option, along with broccoli, which is also abundant in vitamin C, a nutrient that helps the body absorb iron.

Prevention of Cat Anemia

3 Dietary Ways On How To Treat Anemia In Cats Naturally

Here are some tips for taking good care of your cat to prevent various diseases:

  • Feed your cat balanced and nutritious food.
  • Make every effort to keep your cat inside to avoid injuries.
  • Take your feline friend to a veterinarian for examinations.
  • To protect them from intestinal parasites, fleas, ticks, and lice take parasite-prevention treatments.
  • Make sure they are far from any toxins.


It is alarming when your cat has anemia. Knowing how to treat anemia in cats naturally could be the best help. Now, you will worry less and be happy taking care of your beloved pet and playing with them.

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