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An Affordable and Non-Invasive Way To Detect Kidney Issues │ Kidney-Chek

An Affordable and Non-Invasive Way To Detect Kidney Issues │ Kidney-Chek

Most pet parents deem cancer as the ultimate silent killer of pets, but did you know that kidney disease isn’t that far behind? Kidney disease is a medical condition that can take your pet’s life unexpectedly. It is essential to detect kidney issues early on – to prevent them from worsening and becoming a legitimate threat to your pet’s life.

Hillary Sweet, the co-founder of SN Biomedical, recognized the issue with testing for kidney diseases in pets.


Check for Kidney Disease to Ease Your Pet Parent Mind

An Affordable and Non-Invasive Way To Detect Kidney Issues │ Kidney-Chek

“Unless people have had an animal pass or if it’s a strong pain point for them, it’s sometimes hard to get people to realize the importance of it.”

The main problem, Hillary realized, is that pet parents are not incredibly alarmed by the possibility of their pet developing kidney disease. Unfortunately, it is not a new issue since people have the tendency to ignore the kidney in favor of focusing on the heart or other organs. Many pet owners forget that there are ways to detect kidney issues in dogs.

Nevertheless, those who are aware and wary of the disease perceive the issue differently.

“We found is that many people, for whatever reason, can’t afford or can’t get to the vet to have that yearly testing done.”

A urinalysis for dogs can easily cost over a hundred dollars! That isn’t something that many pet owners and shelters can afford. It doesn’t help that you must do these tests yearly to be safe.

Hillary saw the gravity of the situation and offered to help. She helped create the Kidney-chek, the answer many pet parents want!


Use Kidney-chek to Detect Kidney Issues

An Affordable and Non-Invasive Way To Detect Kidney Issues │ Kidney-Chek

“We founded a company that we are now working on to create simple and affordable diagnostics, with the goal of helping pets live longer, healthier lives.”

Hillary had a clear vision in mind when she helped found the company. It was to provide an easy, affordable, and quick diagnosis. This vision gave birth to Kidney-chek.

You can use this small screening and saliva test at home or the vet clinic to detect kidney issues in as little as two minutes!

“What we’re providing is a cheaper and very quick screening tool.”

Using the test consists of three simple steps; open the product, rub it along your pet’s gums for 5-10 seconds, and read the result after waiting for two minutes!

Moreover, the product comes with a color scale that you will use to interpret the results. It tells you if your pet is in the normal range (green), elevated (yellow), or high range (red). Obtaining a high-range result means you must rush your pet to the vet!

Hillary, as a disclaimer, pointed out that this product was not designed to replace actual testing.  It is still ideal for pet parents to visit and detect kidney issues in vet.


Kidney-chek is only available online and can be bought from their official website. If you want to get 20% off your first kidney-chek purchase, use the code: DOOBERT.

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