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7 Reasons Why Rescues Are Your Best Match

7 Reasons Why Rescues Are Your Best Match

7 Reasons Why Rescues Are Your Best Match

There are many convincing reasons why rescues make the best breeds of pets. Read on and find out why many consider rescues as their perfect match.


You have a chance to consider older dogs.

Choosing to adopt an older rescue presents a great degree of convenience on your part. You don’t have to be extra cautious as you would when caring for a very young animal. Young animals are delicate and must be handled with care. Even a little rough playing could harm them. Compared to older rescues, younger ones require more time and attention from pet owners.

7 Reasons Why Rescues Are Your Best Match

Young animals are like humans too. They have more appointments with vets. And if you are the type of person who’s always in a rush to go off to work or have errands here and there, a good old rescue would be a better fit. It doesn’t mean, however, that you can take them for granted just because they’re more independent. It’s just that they’re easier to manage as opposed to pups and kitties.


You find a good match because you know their history.

Lives of dogs and cats from shelters are like an open book. So when you pick a rescue, there’s no need to guess what kind of personality you’re going to deal with once you get them settled in your home. Shelters record information about their animals. They will readily share them with you and so you have a preview on what to expect.

7 Reasons Why Rescues Are Your Best Match

You’ll know their habits, temperament, and history. You’re not thrown into a guessing game.  Trial and errors are somehow avoided. Knowing a lot of information about a potential rescue allows you to make a more educated decision during the selection process.


A good number of rescues are potty-trained.

An animal that hasn’t been potty-trained can be a headache. While you’ve read a lot about all the hows of potty training, applying what you’ve learned is far from easy. The first few weeks can be a mess and if you’re not up to cleaning up more than thrice a day, you better decide on getting a pet from the shelter. There’s no sure guarantee that all animals in shelters have been trained, but there’s a greater possibility that they have been.

7 Reasons Why Rescues Are Your Best Match


You get a devoted companion.

Rescue dogs aren’t simply a friend. They’re a devoted friend and companion. Once you’ve taken him home and developed a strong bond with him, expect the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Trust that your rescue dog won’t leave your side. Rain or shine, he stays with you no matter what.

7 Reasons Why Rescues Are Your Best Match


You get a pet that’s been spayed/neutered.

Having a pet that’s been spayed/neutered saves you time and money. You don’t have to excuse yourself from work or cancel an errand so you can go to the vet and have the procedure done. At the same time, the money you save can be used for other needs of your new pet.

7 Reasons Why Rescues Are Your Best Match


Rescues are appreciative of their new owners,

You may not notice it right away but it’s more likely that rescues will show that they appreciate moving in with you. Many of them have gone through rough times and may have spent most of their lives in the streets unloved. So now that they belong to a family that has showered them with unconditional love, rescues could display more affection towards you.

7 Reasons Why Rescues Are Your Best Match


Rescues offer a valuable learning experience.

Unlike getting a pet from puppy mills and pet stores, there’s an element of fun and learning in acquiring rescues from shelters. Dropping by a shelter to pick a pet will help reinforce the value of adopting rescues and helping shelters.

7 Reasons Why Rescues Are Your Best Match

While your kids may have learned this from you, from school, and the community, nothing beats learning and acquiring these values through experience. Also, your kids will have fun choosing from among a variety of rescues found in shelters.


Choosing to get a pet from shelters is one of the wisest decisions you and your family can ever make. Now all you have to do is go and find your best match!

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