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Juniper and her kid’s head to NY!

Being cat lovers, this was a transport we signed up for as soon as we saw it!  Thankfully, our leg was not filled!  I mean, WHO would not want to spend an hour with a Mama Cat and her 8 lil’ Kitties?  We were so excited!  Juniper and her “gang” did not disappoint!  After getting settled in, I let Juniper out to stretch her legs!  As she passed by the crate holding all her “kids”, legs and paws came out of everywhere, just for the chance to touch Mama!  They tried their best to get her attention, but she had other interests!  She sat atop her crate and enjoyed looking out the window as if she wondered where they were headed!  The Kitties were good passengers!  Some slept, others were feisty and curious!  Such tiny little creatures with big personalities!  A wonderful way to spend a Saturday and help get these blessings to a wonderful life in a NY High Rise!!

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