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9 signs you’re an animal rescue transport expert

We know you’re out there.  The seasoned pros of animal rescue transport experts.  The ones that have been around the block a few times and probably crisscrossed the country many more times than that.  So here’s some signs you know you’re an animal rescue transport expert.  How many of these do you sound like?

  1. Your car didn’t have carpeted floor mats when you got it but is so covered in fur you can’t tell the difference now.
  2. You have an animal crate sanitizing station in your backyard.
  3. You prepare for inspection by your own pets every time you walk in the door.
  4. Your glove compartment doesn’t have napkins and wet wipes, it’s full of puppy pads.
  5. You can setup a foldable pet enclosure in less than 5 seconds, while simultaneously placing puppy pads to cover the ground.
  6. You remember the names of the rescue animals on every transport you’ve ever done but forget your own name when asked.
  7. The odometer on your car rolled back over to zero and started counting again.
  8. You use acronyms like UTD, NPOG, CVI and TC fluently in every conversation you have.
  9. You know the cleanest restrooms for 50 miles around along every stretch of I-81

How do you know you’re a seasoned pro at rescue relay transport?

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