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Maxwell & Baby Diesel

Maxwell & Baby Diesel

We were lucky enough to be able to help in the transportation of these 2 sweet & absolutely adorable dogs last weekend. This was my first transport but will definitely not be my last. Everything went so smoothly from our pick up point in Rochester NY to our drop off with Brenda from Whispering Pines Animal Rescue in Waterville NY.

We both fell in love the minute we laid eyes on these beautiful dogs. Both pups were so loving, very friendly & so gentle. After our initial meeting, we took a little stroll to stretch their legs then we set off on the final leg of their long journey. Baby Diesel was a sleepy boy & was happy to curl up instantly on the comfy bed we had made in the back. Maxwell on the otherhand was more inquisitive & stood with his beautiful brown eyes gazing out of every window with a smile on his face. He believes he is a lap dog, & so decided to climb upfront on to my girlfriend’s knees in the passenger seat – they had an instant bond. He rode upfront for a while then hopped in the back to snuggle up (sit on top of) Baby Diesel. They snuggled for the rest of the journey peacefully with the occasional visit from Maxwell for a little pat & a cuddle. Both dogs love cuddles & are particularly fond of each other. They were the cutest pair.

We were both really sad to hand them over, but knew that they were now safe from harm & would be well looked after till some lucky human would come & take them to their forever home. We just lost our 13.5 yr old greyhound & have a small business that causes us to have to travel often, so right now is not the best time for us to take on another dog. Till that day comes we will continue to help out these dogs & the others to follow by transporting them to safety through Doobert.

We were both really impressed with how well organized the whole process was from start to finish. All the drivers also kept in touch via messenger & text which was great as we were able to keep track on how far they had come & how the dogs were doing en route. We will be featuring these pups, Doobert & Whispering Pines on all our social media to help spread the word & will definitely recommend Doobert to all the rescue groups we work with & also to our animal loving friends, so they can get involved too.
Such a fantastic experience – we look forward to our next transport & can’t wait to meet the next batch of lucky animals who have been saved.

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  1. Cindy July 6, 2018 at 9:56 am - Reply

    Thanks for the great write up and pictures of your transport leg. What sweet pups.

  2. Chris July 6, 2018 at 12:04 pm - Reply

    Love this story and the pictures. Thank you for what you do for the animals!!


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