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The next big thing in animal rescue fostering – Maddie’s Pet Assistant

Maddie's Pet Assistant

Maddie’s Pet Assistant brings technology and AI to animal rescue fosters everywhere!

Just about every animal rescue organization or local animal shelter across the country is looking for one thing; more animal rescue foster homes.  But what happens after the volunteers and organizations are connected?  Who’s educating new animal foster homes on how to care for the animals?

Maddie’s Pet Assistant (MPA) is like a 24/7 question and answer service for animal fosters

Until recently, there were not any tools out there to help fosters once the animal had been placed in their care. That’s why we’re so excited to tell you about the Maddie’s Pet Assistant program.  MPA is like a question and answer service that incorporates the best practices and knowledge from industry experts, and summarizes it in easy to understand step-by-step instructions for fosters.

Animal fosters answer questions and the Maddie’s app recommends what to do

One of the biggest challenges for newbie animal fosters is that they may not always know what to do if their fostered animal is having issues.  Some issues are behavioral like peeing outside the litter box, and others may seemingly be more serious such as wheezing or discharge from the nose or eyes.  What’s a foster to do except call their animal rescue or shelter contact for help.  And if you cannot get a hold of them, then vet visits can get really expensive really fast.

Now a foster can use the MPA app to answer a few basic questions and get sound advice on what to do or what else to check before they are blowing up the phone of the on-call foster coordinator.  What’s unique about this system is that the app pushes the surveys to the fosters to check in on the progress of the animal.  How are they eating and drinking?  Are they lethargic or playful?  Any concerns the foster has?


The app walks them through the simple interview and even offers suggestions or further questions to help better understand problems the foster might be encountering.  So if the animal is peeing in the house, the app will make suggestions on how to work in a positive manner to curb this behavior.  No need to haul your foster dog down to the vet!

Animal rescues and shelters have a fully functioning back-end console connected to Maddie’s app

One of the cool things about the MPA system is that the rescues and shelters who are managing their foster homes get the results of the surveys and even highlights of answers to questions that may need additional follow-up.  For a larger foster home program this saves you valuable time and allows you to focus on potential problem areas proactively.


Start leveraging technology to support your foster home program

If you’re an organization we’d recommend signing up at today so you can start leveraging this technology to better support your animal fosters.  If you’re a foster volunteer, make sure the animal rescue or shelter that you’re helping is aware of this amazing tool.


Maddie's Pet Assistant - MPA

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