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Is Fall Falling Near You?…

Welcome back! I’m here for my next installment from The Volunteer Photographer’s Zone. 

fall foilageSo… Fall is falling – but here on the “mid-east coast” where I live, it’s early and delayed relative to where you are. Delays have been described as due to the extended warm weather and pretty extensive rainfalls.  A friend of mine near Baltimore, Maryland reported early October that the leaves were already littering the streets where they lived as if it was late fall, yet on the Blue Ridge Parkway north entrance, where leaf colors peak prior to my friends birthday each year (Oct 25th), they haven’t begun to peak yet.  Well, as a photographer, you can imagine I look outside each day to see if they are peaking so I can capture their brilliance and beauty.  I’ve recently added sUAS photography (aka drone/quadcopter) to my repertoire, so I’m really chomping at the bit to get some aerial shots of the colors around my local area! The sun will be out in a few hours, so it will be a driving day of taking pix all over. 

In the volunteer arena

I have completed a new set of Video Photo Stories for two recent transports.  They can be seen here:

DBT5936 “Deuce”

DBT5884 “Betty and Gracie”

Plus a special montage for Rescue Transport USA to support their efforts to reach out and engage more volunteer drivers.  That can be seen here:

RTUSA Team and Driver Photo Story

We have another upcoming request from Liberty Ride Transport to get Doobert Photo Volunteers to do some Hand-off Captures for a precious Dachshund in a wheelchair, traveling from OH to NH. So we continue to test and develop that exciting Doobert component.  And I also hope to enlist more photographers to do these Video Photo Stories, for runs in their own areas.  While the end goal is to have a photographer on a minimum of 1 of the hand-offs of every run, we do also use driver’s photos for these Video Stories, so if a photographer is unavailable to shoot, theoretically we can still make a video photo story for the rescues, for Doobert, for hopeful adopters, etc.

This is the lovely miss Bella:


Looking forward to getting some of the photographers engaged along her transport from OH to NH on November 10, 2018.  106 emails will be going out to the photographers with a profile in the states Bella is passing through to ask for volunteers.  Doobert’s developers are writing scripts to build this feature into the site so photographers will be able to sign up similar to how the drivers do now.


I was out at a local orchard over last weekend (mm warm apple cider and fresh apple cider donuts!) and met a wonderful woman named Pam, who had a dog there from the local SPCA, and (available for adoption) anyway she and I chatted a bit and I found out that they may be interested in having some video footage taken as a supplement to their adoption featurettes.  I gave her my Doobert card and my personal card, and look forward to getting together with her to see how I can help!  She already wrote me to ask about charges – I delightfully responded that everything I do for doggy rescue efforts is absolutely volunteer and no cost!

So my fellow photo volunteers…

What do you guys do at your local shelters/rescues?  How do I reach out to PetSmart and PetCo to do some photo volunteerism at their adoption days?  Share in the comments what you guys are doing, or ideas you may have!

Thanks a million for joining me today…

Until next time…be well.



visit me anytime at: BlueJ Imagery & Art

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