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Get Exclusive Access to Kittens. Sign Up to Foster Today!


Get Exclusive Access to Kittens. Sign Up to Foster Today! -

Playing with kittens helps relieve stress. Kittens can give you that sense of perfect tranquillity and wonder – a reminder that life should have smiles! 

A place where there is a guarantee you’ll see at least a kitten near you is at your local animal shelter. That is, of course, if you don’t have one at home yet, or you’re looking to foster more. If that’s the case, you can find and connect with an animal shelter near you by signing up on Doobert and getting inclusive access to kittens hassle-free!


The Math Does Not Look Good

Unfortunately, there are more kittens in the U.S. than foster or forever homes to take them. Professionals in the field of animal rescue are working 24/7 to help reduce the number of unwanted animals through targeted spay and neuter campaigns and balancing supply and demand through animal rescue transport.

Because of this, it is almost a guarantee that your local animal shelter will have kittens available for adoption. Some will be neonatal, while others still have special needs. Rescue kittens, in general, need loving homes, even for just a short period while they grow and mature to an age where potential families and forever homes can welcome them. 

Fostering neonatal and special needs kittens, if you are capable, can help the kittens, and the shelters taking care of them free up some time and space for other capable kittens who might need their help.


Save the Kittens

Are you searching for your purpose and looking for a way to help animals? Help save more animals by fostering or caring for stray kittens in your area. 

You can pull out all of your favorite toys from the usual string and balls to the odd ones like old cardboard boxes and that random thing that’s under your bed. Kittens will love these seemingly insignificant items and will undoubtedly fill your house with purrs from morning to midnight. It will be as though you have superpowers and have delivered the single most important thing in their little kitten lives to date.

Kittens love to romp and play, jump and tackle one another, and explore the world around them. They don’t care about the stress from your “day” job or anything else going on in your life. They are also not concerned about your social status and preferences. All they care about is having fun in this new and exciting world called your home.



Get Exclusive Access to Kittens. Sign Up to Foster Today! -

Resources For Foster Kitten Parents Like You

If you are interested in fostering kittens and want to learn how to care for them, there are many resources near and far that can help you learn how to foster kittens.

  • Apps like Maddie’s Pet Assistant can help animal shelters track foster kitten progress.
  • Programs and resources from organizations like Best Friends Animal Society can help you learn the basics of fostering a kitten at your own pace. (via a kitten foster manual – yes, that’s a thing!)
  • Instagram celebrities like Hannah “Kitten Lady” Shaw. You can check out all of her videos and posts about everything you ever wanted to know about kittens.

Helping You Help Kittens

Doobert might be known for volunteer-based animal transports, but we have a new feature called Fosterspace, which is designed to solve the problems that normally come with running a foster program.

As a volunteer, Fosterspace can give you access to tools that can help get you started on your journey to fostering animals, including kittens! You can easily search for pets that need fosters near you as well as connect with Doobert-registered animal shelters and rescues. You can even help organizations manage your foster pet’s Ambassador page and promote them online to get them adopted faster!


Sign up on Doobert today and become a foster volunteer!

Join us and become a hero in the eyes of these cute and cuddly kittens!


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