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Episode 145 – Ann Greenberg

Ann Greenberg

Ann Greenberg

Ann Greenberg is the Founder/President of A Pet with Paws®. More than ever before, pet consumers are choosing higher quality products that not only benefit their pet’s health and life but are environmentally safe and sustainable. A Pet with Paws® offers innovative, chic, eco-friendly and airline approved pet carriers & accessories made of fabric produced from recycled plastic bottles! They are all about sustainability, style, safety, and well-being for pet owners and their pets.

A Pet with Paws® is committed to taking an eco-conscious stance. They believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute towards protecting and respecting the environment. They pay it forward by partnering with Trees for the Future, and for every bag, carrier, or accessory that is purchased from them, a tree is planted in various countries around the world! All of their products, whether it’s their flagship pet carrier, training bag, backpack, poop bag pouch or wristlet, merge chic-contemporary and functional design with thoughtful, eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials; filling the void of sophisticated and stylish pet products that are also safe and comfortable for the pet. Plus, the added bonus of being vegan contributes to preserving the environment and gives pet owners the opportunity to promote a more sustainable lifestyle.



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