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Deliver Outdoor Freshness At The Comfort of Your Home │ CritterZone 

Deliver Outdoor Freshness To Your Dogs At The Comfort of Your Home │ CritterZone

Did you know there is a great difference between indoor and outdoor air? Breathe in the air in your living room and give yourself the time to feel and savor it truly. Now, step out and do the same outdoors. Now that you are actively seeking it out, you might notice the difference instantly.

As Bill Converse, the inventor of CritterZone, said,

“While outdoor air is fresh, indoor air is stale.”

You can quickly tell which air quality is better for you and your pet. Now aware of the difference, you can do something about your indoor environment. 

One excellent product that can help you cleanse and naturalize the indoor air in your home is the CritterZone Air Naturalizer!


Enjoy Outdoor Air While Indoors With CritterZone

Deliver Outdoor Freshness To Your Dogs At The Comfort of Your Home │ CritterZone

Animals thrive in fresh, outdoor air. It isn’t surprising as they are still biologically built for an outdoor lifestyle. Running outside is vital to their health as it gives them time to expose themselves to the sun and other natural elements. 

Keeping the air clean and pollutant-free can help improve your pet’s overall health and vitality. Unfortunately, indoor air might not be as healthy as you expect it to be. 

Not all air purifiers or air ionizers in the market are pet-friendly. A good chunk of them has features that can eliminate pet odors and pet hair or allergens. Though, not a lot is focused on the pet entirely. 

“We have a lot of people that really benefitted from it, but nobody worried about the dogs.”

Some pet owners would resolve to spray air fresheners to keep the foul odor away but are these chemicals safe for your pets? The answer – they aren’t. 

CritterZone proposes a solution to that problem. It’s an air purifier and pet odor eliminator in one, with the comfort of your pets in mind. 

This device produces indoor air with a natural charge that can eliminate allergens, odors, dust, and bacteria. 

It’s a breakthrough technology perfect for pet owners and pets! 


Make Your Home Safe For Your Dogs With This Air Naturalizer

Deliver Outdoor Freshness To Your Dogs At The Comfort of Your Home │ CritterZone

According to Bill,

“CritterZone is a different approach to dealing with indoor air quality. It is designed to replicate outdoor air.”

Based on Bill’s breakdown of how it works, CritterZone operates by putting the energy back into the air. Doing so can warrant the same reaction you can get from outdoor air and sunlight.  

CritterZone is an innovative product that copies the natural process found outdoors – similar to what the sun does outside! It creates an energized version of the natural elements in the air, putting them to work. It makes active ingredients that will allow the air to cleanse and clean itself.

This Air Naturalizer produces an organically charged flow that acts as an efficient and capable cleaning tool that keeps you and your pets safe from allergen, dirt, or mold.


You can visit CritterZone’s official website for more information about this Air Naturalizer. Aside from containing all information regarding the technology, you can also purchase the actual product from there!

“It’s not one thing but a whole series of things to see what we can do to undo the harm caused by living indoors and air-conditioned environments without giving up the things we like about it.”

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