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Avoid Aggressive Dog Attacks with DogFender

Protect Your Pet From Aggressive Dog Attacks │ DogFender

Nothing is more painful than going out for a routine morning walk with your precious pet only to be attacked by an aggressive stray dog! Most times, these sudden and unprovoked attacks can lead to mild to severe injury ─ even can lead to death! 

Peter Antonio knew how terrifying and traumatic it is to see your dog be mauled by another dog and not be able to do much. 


Dog Fender: The Story

Protect Your Pet From Aggressive Dog Attacks │ DogFender

DogFender was given to me accidentally.

Peter, the creator of DogFender, is a proud owner of three dogs. Like most pet parents, he has one constant fear ─ aggressive animals preying on his precious dogs. 

That fear came to life when his dog, Murphy, became a victim of an unprovoked attack by a larger stray. Peter did his best to free his dog from the aggressor’s clutches, all the while his heart was breaking from his dog’s cries and screams. Once Murphy escaped from the attacker, Peter rushed him to the vet.

“I said to Murphy, you know, ‘if you survive, Murphy, I’ll probably make something so no other dog can touch you ever again.”

Murphy suffered from severe injuries in the head and throat, but most importantly, he survived. He had a lengthy recovery period. It took him six months to regain the courage to walk back out of the house. 

By then, Peter already had something in the works; he had created a basic prototype of the DogFender. The prototype was tested when a large dog set its sight on Murphy again. It tried to bite his neck. 

Something happened. The dog suddenly ran off. Peter knew that his creation worked.


The Unrivalled Collar for Dog Attacks

Three and a half years later, the DogFender Collar was created and released to the public. Peter introduced the first practical dog defense collar with ground-breaking advances that can help defend your dog from aggressive attacks. All this without the pet owner’s need to intervene physically – basically ensuring the safety of both the pet and the owner!

A team of experts meticulously tested the DogFender collar. It was tested for its practicality, durability, water-proof feature, convenience, long battery life, and more!

This collar has three buttons for its main features; Nightlight, deactivation, and defense levels. It covers a radius of 50 meters and contains three defense levels (defense level 1 for small dogs, defense level 2 for medium dogs, and defense level 3 for large and extra large dogs).

This collar offers absolute defense with no safety risk; for your dog and the aggressor! Once put on defense mode, the collar releases static power.

Protect Your Pet From Aggressive Dog Attacks │ DogFender

Only the aggressor receives the stimulant. Only the aggressor. And only if the attacking dog actually physically touches the collar, any part of the collar, with its mouth.

It’s generating a static barrier around your dog’s throat, which is the most vulnerable area. If the aggressor touches any part of the collar, they will receive a stimulant. While it only delivers low stimulant levels, it hits the mouth, which has more senses than any other body part. 

Being the first of this kind of pet product, it had a strong need and demand. Currently, DogFender only has a basic version out on the market. Though, they are working on more accessories and versions. One of the projects they are focusing on is applying it to harnesses.


If you’re interested in the product, you can go to The website provides more information about the collar, including where to purchase them.

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