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Become an Expert on Fostering

Become an Expert in Fostering -

Become an Expert in Fostering -

Fostering cats, dogs, or just becoming a foster pet parent in general, seems to be something that we all take for granted. However, not everyone is the same. Some of us may have not had the chance to have pet cats or pet dogs

To help out, we picked some videos from Youtube to help you become more knowledgeable about fostering, foster pet programs, pet foster homes, and pet foster care.


Why Become a Foster Pet Parent

Our first video pick is all about why you should foster a dog (or foster a cat). But hey you might be on the fence and not sure if fostering a pet is for you so should spend the 2 minutes and 45 seconds to push yourself over the edge and get involved.  

In this video, you will see volunteers at the Little Rock Animal Village talk about why fostering dogs (or fostering cats) is important. Fostering helps to socialize the pet before they’re adopted. Fostering also opens up much-needed space at the shelter so that other animals needing help can receive care and find some potential forever homes.




Fostering Animals 101

In this next clip, Rachel Fusaro speaks plainly and candidly about becoming a foster parent for a dog.  She explains what to expect, and even dispels some of the myths people have about fostering a dog from their local animal shelter. After watching the video, you will learn how to foster animals, get started fostering, and common questions about fostering, such as the costs involved.



The Journey of How Foster Animals Get Adopted

Ever wondered how a foster animal gets from being a foster to finding it a forever home?  So did this videographer and she goes on a journey to see what animal rescue is all about.  It’s a 3-part series but helpful to understand the basics of animal rescue and welfare.

Part 1 – The Journey Of How Foster Dogs Gets Adopted

In the first part of this 3-part series, you will meet Emmy, a dog who found her forever home with Jess. Jess is a producer at Upworthy but also fosters dogs for Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.



Part 2 – How A Rescue Group Chooses Its Dogs

In the second part of this series, we follow Jess as she takes a trip to Georgia to visit dog shelters with Badass Brooklyn Rescue. Their goal is to find dogs to rescue and bring back to New York City, where they are located.



Part 3 – Where Shelters Find Stray Animals

In the third and last part of this series, we follow Jess in Vidalia, Georgia, to find out more about how dogs wind up at shelters. The most usual way they end up there is because people dump them at schools and other areas.



Dog and Cat Help Raise Foster Kittens

In this fun and happy video from The Dodo, we follow Suzie the dog and Kushi the cat. These two are part of a family that takes in lots of foster kittens. What’s special about them is that they have gotten so used to having kittens around that they now know exactly how to make the kittens feel safe and at home.




Know More and Learn More

Become an Expert in Fostering -

These videos may have sparked the hunger to learn more about fostering, and we can help. We have a lot of informative articles that might help you learn more about fostering.


Ready to take the leap into becoming a foster volunteer?

We invite you to sign up on Doobert and create your foster volunteer profile so you can start searching for pets that need fosters in your area!

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