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Find and Connect with Volunteers on Doobert | Volunteer Search

Rescue dogs with 2 volunteers

Do you need more animal rescue volunteers? With Doobert, there’s no need to take the long route!


Whether you’re looking for a transporter, foster, photographer, or even a virtual volunteer, our Volunteer Search feature makes the process quick and easy.


Ready to find volunteers? Here’s how it works!


How to Search for Volunteers on Doobert


Step 1: On your Organization Dashboard, click on the More tab


Click Partners on the sidebar.


Step 2: Click Search then Find Volunteers


Step 3: Select the type of volunteer you are looking for


Step 4: Provide the necessary information to narrow down your search results


Step 5: Click Search 

Our system will then come back with a list of volunteers that fall within your search specifications.

Clicking on the names of the listed volunteers will display their individual profiles.


Once you find a volunteer that you think would be a good fit for your organization, you can send them an invite to work with.


You can also leave them a message which we automatically send to them via email.


And that’s pretty much the entire process. Pretty simple, right? We’re excited for you to try it out for yourself!



New to Doobert? Sign up today to start searching for volunteers!



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