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De-buzzing animal rescue transport: 7 other ways to explain animal rescue relay transport

Like every industry, the animal rescue industry has its own jargon, acronyms and lingo.  So here’s a few other ways to de-buzz the term “rescue relay transport” so your friends and family can understand.

1. Drive a leg, Save a Life.- ‘nuff said.

2. Rescue mobile; it’s like the batmobile but with more lives saved and less “Kapow!”

3. Flying Dog Rescue; we serve puppy kisses instead of peanuts.




4. Relay transport – It’s like the amazing race without people being eliminated.

5. Rescue transport is like “The Bachelor” – everyone gets kissed.

6. We’re the ones that coined the phrase “I love it when a plan comes together.” The A-Team just stole it.

7. Rescue Relay Transport powered by Passion

Rescue Relay Transport

Got one we missed?  Tell us.

What Do Animal Rescue Buzzwords Really Mean? (image - dog near car)


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