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Episode 147 – Courtney Wennerstrom

Episode 147 – Courtney Wennerstrom

Courtney Wennerstrom

Courtney is a former English Professor, with a background in 18th-century literature, which includes some of the strangest and most perplexing fiction ever written. She loved her life as a scholar–especially working with students and still writes and geeks out over authors like Jane Austen, Charlotte Dacre, Ann Radcliffe, and the Marquis de Sade.

Courtney is also a lifelong animal advocate and made helping animals her “naughty side project” during her dissertation. While teaching at Indiana University, Bloomington, she co-founded the first successful animal welfare organization on the campus. Since leaving academia, she has volunteered and worked in local and national animal welfare organizations, served as a Community Organizer for Pets for Life, and now the Regional Manager for the Central United States at Michelson Found Animals–a non-profit with a free microchip Registry dedicated to getting pets home, where they belong. Her goal is to channel her imaginative and analytical thinking skills into making the world a kinder, more beautiful place for animals.



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