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Cowboy Furballs

Tell us how the transport came together?

The transport came together about a week in advance. We needed help for one leg and I decided to give Doobert a whirl. I was so surprised that I had gotten two responses! What a blessing!

Were there any memorable moments from this transport?

One of our main transporters fell in love with one of our pups being transported. The hazards of the game! Bardette is one lucky pup! She will be picked up as soon as the rescue has her ready.

What could have made this transport better?

There wasn’t a cliche in this transport! It’s so nice to know everyone is so devoted and can be relied on.

Tell us about your passenger/s (behavior, demeanor, etc)?

All the animals await their next big adventure!

Why did you take this transport, what compelled you to help?

I’m the transport coordinator so I always rely on the kindness of others to help!

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