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5 benefits you get from volunteering to help animals.


Volunteering for animals pays YOU!

When you volunteer to help animals at your local animal shelter or for an animal rescue group, you get way more out of the experience than what you could ever put into it.  Here’s five benefits that you may not have known you receive just by helping animals.

1. Tax benefits

tax benefitOf course you knew about this right?  The majority of animal rescue and animal shelter organizations are approved 501(c)(3) IRS public charity organizations so things like your mileage and any physical donations you make (i.e. food, toys, blankets, clothing, etc.) are all tax deductible.  No, you cannot deduct your time but you’re getting more out of this than you’re putting in remember?

2. Free snuggles, kisses & purrs

child with kittensAs if you needed a reminder, when you volunteer for animals you get the opportunity to interact with them and help them to understand that not all humans are bad.  Probably the favorite perk of most people is that when you’re an animal volunteer you get all of the snuggles, puppy kisses and grateful purrs that you can handle.  Animals know that you are there to help them and although they cannot speak human languages (yet!) they will show you how much they appreciate your time and attention

3.  Feeling good knowing that you’re doing good

dog walkingWhat’s your purpose in life these days?  When you volunteer to help animals you will get that warm sensation throughout your body and mind knowing that you’re doing good for the world.  You’ll feel complete, content, appreciated and validated as a contributor to a better world.  You know you’re doing good and your happiness will contribute to your good health

4. Balancing your suffering footprint

If you’re a regular reader of our blogs you’ll remember the term suffering footprint and by volunteering to help animals you’re helping to re-balance the impact you’re having on the world through your good deeds.

5. Bragging rights

victoryOf course when you’re an animal rescue volunteer you’ll always have bragging rights with your friends and family members.  When someone asks what you did last night or last weekend you’ll be able to regale them with your good deeds on how you’re helping animals.  Then you can politely ask them, “and you?”

If you love being an animal volunteer we want to hear from you.  Tell us what you get out of the experience!


Our top 5 benefits for volunteering - what are yours_

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