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Dodge and Buddy

Dodge and Buddy

My husband was able to go with me on today’s early morning Sunday transport and I am glad he did! We moved two energetic English Setters from Columbia (SC) to Orangeburg for Our English Setter Rescue (
Dodge (1 ½ years old) is the black and white one and Buddy (11 months) is brown and white. Both had flunked out of hunting school so needed to find new homes. They competed their multi-day transport from Illinois to Georgia today.
Dodge was a handful getting in and out of cars but settled down pretty quickly and fell asleep. Buddy was a little more laid back and was a great rider. We put Dodge in the back seat with me and Buddy rode shotgun up front so both me and my husband had 45 minutes straight of petting them and their amazingly soft fur.
Good luck pups!!

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