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From Dangerous Fish Species Into Delicious Low Calorie Treats │ Pezzy Pets

From Dangerous Invasive Fish Species Into Delicious Low Calorie Treats │ Pezzy Pets

Invasive species pose a significant danger to the ecosystem — that is very much a fact. They are a direct threat to the native fish species, as they either prey on them or outcompete them in terms of food and resources. Unfortunately, these invasive species are here to stay, as no permanent solution can eliminate them for good. However, some companies actively work to lessen or reduce them.

Introducing Pezzy Pets: a company that produces single and limited-ingredient treats made from certain invasive species, specifically the Mexican devil fish and lionfish. They create high-protein, low calorie treats that transform invasive species into delicious and healthy snacks that your pet will love! 

“These are treats that are good for the environment, as well as for pets.”


The Danger Of Invasive Species To the Ecosystem

From Dangerous Invasive Fish Species Into Delicious Low Calorie Treats │ Pezzy Pets

Before jumping to what the company offers, it is only fair to go over the main issue. Is there a need to do something about invasive species? Are they dangerous to the environment?

The main thing you must know about invasive species is that they are a legitimate environmental threat. They try to take over the ecosystem by destroying its resources and preying on the native species that live there. As they don’t have predators in that area, they are free to thrive and run the waters with no fear. 

Pezzy Pets took this opportunity and did a business to not only help domestic pets but also to contribute to the environment. As the founder of Pezzy Pets, Mike Mitchell said, 

“We take invasive species of fish that cause environmental issues out in the wild and turn them into single, limited ingredient pet treats.”

Not only are their treats free from any icky additives, but they are also made from invasive fish species that need to be overfished! These treats are made of wild-caught Mexican devil fish and lionfish lording over Mexico’s waters. Moreover, to make the treats as healthy as possible, the company avoids using fillers or chemical preservatives that can be bad for pets! 


The Impact Of Pezzy Pets And Their Low Calorie Treats

From Dangerous Invasive Fish Species Into Delicious Low Calorie Treats │ Pezzy Pets

“For us, it’s about how to mitigate their spread and control their population. While we’re not going to be able to eliminate these species, it does keep them in check.”

Pezzy Pets partnered with artisanal fishermen in Mexico to help turn the tide against these hated devil fish. Not only does the company make delicious pet products, but it also manages to contribute to lessening the numbers of these naughty devils that are wreaking havoc in the ecosystem. They also worked with various other communities to process the lionfish.

Not only are Pezzy Pets helping pet owners, but they are also creating more jobs and better opportunities for fishermen! That includes better wages and an increase in daily income!

“Creating those viable economic opportunities for fishermen.”

Pezzy Pets can solve multiple problems by using a single business opportunity! They help with environmental issues at large and provide low calorie pet treats at home! They solve ecosystem problems by turning these invasive species into tasty pet food! 


If you wish to try their products, drop by their official website to order! Currently, they have three available products under their collection — single-ingredient treats, cookies, and pet food toppers! 

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