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Dog Adoption Tip #9 – Vantage Point

dog adoption

In previous posts we’ve been talking about the big responsibility of dog adoption, where you can go to find your new dog and now we’re going to start talking about caring for your new best friend.

In a future post we will discuss safety for people around dogs but let’s start with safety for your new dog.

They’re not accustomed to your home and you want to make it safe for them in their new environment.  You want to check electrical cords, make sure that they’re out of the way especially for puppies who love to chew. You want to make sure that your pup can’t escape if he’s outside.  Check your fences and make sure that they’re high enough that a dog can’t jump over. And if you have a puppy, anticipate that he is going to grow and be able to jump over higher fences than he can now.   You’re going to want to check down at the base of the fence and make sure your dog can’t dig out.  Additionally, be certain that anything in the garage like antifreeze, which is highly toxic but tastes good to dogs, is safely locked away.

dog exploring new house

And there are lists of foods that are dangerous for dogs that they might find yummy that should be safely stored.  You may consider installing a baby gate for him to have his own safe space if you can’t watch him at all times. Or even a crate.  (We will be talking about crate training in the future as well). Realistically, no one can watch a dog 24/7, so please be proactive to keep him healthy and safe.

Here’s the tip for today:

It might seem silly, but it’s a good idea to get down on your hands and knees and look at your home and yard from your dog’s vantage point.

For a comprehensive list of pet proofing tips, check out Adopt-a-pet.  So pet proof away, happy pet parenting and check back soon for another tip!

Do you see what your dog does_ Tip #9 (1)

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