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Dog Adoption Tip #19 – Exercise

dogaTip #19 is all about exercise.  Exercise is so important for your dog, just like its important for you, and there are so many options.  You can walk your dog in your neighborhood, which is simple. Maybe you like hiking together or your dog likes running free in the dog park. Maybe you can find a fitness class where dogs and humans workout together.  There’s also doga, which is human and doggy yoga, which I’ve never attended but it looks like fun.

Not only is exercise needed, but it’s also an opportunity for you to bond and perhaps for your dog to get socialized or work on their training.  When I walk my dogs I bring treats and we reinforce some basics.

Here is today’s tip:

Exercise can also help with separation anxiety.  One of our previous dogs, T-bone, had terrible separation anxiety and giving him a really long walk helped tire him out so when I did leave the house he wasn’t destroying everything.  It wasn’t foolproof but it helped. And my current dog, Ninja will bug me if I’m at the computer and he hasn’t gotten his second walk for the day. So it really helps the whole family dynamic when everybody is well exercised.  It has been recommended to me by Dr. Jessica Waldman, of California Animal Rehab, that most (not all) dogs should not run (i.e. alongside you on a bike) past the age of four because it’s hard on their joints. She’s a veterinarian who specializes in animal rehab, and she treats hundreds and hundreds of dogs.

dogs hiking

Certain dogs can use a job.  It depends on their breed, personality and temperament.  So if you have an active dog, a hunting dog or a herding dog, you may consider agility or nose work, frisbee, dock diving, or some other great activity that will stimulate them and be fun for both of you. I’m also sharing a link to a company called K9 Fit Club that has fitness classes for you and your dog, which could be really cool.  Check out their link and see if they have one in your area. Looking for more ideas? Check out What to Expect When Adopting a Dog!

Regular exercise

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