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Dog Adoption Tip #4: Dog Breeds

Today’s tip is about dog breeds. Maybe you already have an idea of a dog breed that you want. Or maybe breed isn’t important to you. But there are big breeds and small breeds and shedding breeds and non-shedding breeds, and the list goes on.

What matters most is choosing the kind of dog that meshes with your life and your lifestyle. If you love to run or hike and want a buddy for your adventures, there are plenty of high-energy dogs looking for a loving home. And if you just want a snuggly friend, there are plenty of chill
dogs as well.

There are breed rescues for just about every breed out there and you can search online for those. Or there’s or which are great resources to help you search online. Perhaps you are open to going to your local shelter and seeing what kind of dogs are available. That’s a wonderful way to look at it too. In my opinion it’s not about the breed it’s about saving a life and having a buddy.

About 24 years ago I didn’t know anything about dog rescue. My husband and I were going to buy a dog from a breeder and we ended up accidentally adopting our first dog instead. A friend found him on a soccer field, we named him JJ and he’s the namesake for my children’s book series, JJ The American Street Dog and How He Came to Live in Our House.


So here’s today’s tip:

It might take a little bit of research to determine which breeds have the traits best suited to your family.

And don’t forget about those Marvelous Mutts! I don’t really know what kind of dogs mine are and I don’t really care. I say it’s not the breed, it’s the “dog-ness” of who they are and that’s what you fall in love with. You can find more tips from Diane here.

Which breed is right for you. Tip 4

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