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Dog Adoption Tip #3: What age range is best?


This week, we get to start considering what kind of dog you might want. Specifically, which age range is best for your needs? (We will cover other dog traits in a future article.)

Some questions you might ask yourself:

Are you home a lot and able to take care of a puppy?

Would you prefer a young dog (not a puppy) who has a lot of energy but already has a little bit of training?ask questions

Or maybe a better choice would be an adult dog who is possibly calmer and likely house-trained. Senior dogs are in need of a home for their final years, and they are full of love to give to a family with a big heart. Many senior dogs still have a lot of pep in their step and just need a loving home.

We’ve adopted puppies, young adult dogs, adult dogs and I’ve never had any problem falling in love with any of them. It’s not about the dog’s age. It’s about your connection with the individual dog. Just know what your schedule and demeanor will tolerate.

So here’s tip #3:

Be clear whether a puppy or young energetic dog is best suited to your energy level and lifestyle, or perhaps an adult or senior dog would be a better choice. Don’t forget that you can find any age dog at the shelter or at a rescue group. And you will fall in love…. If you are planning on getting a puppy you can check out the puppy manual created by

dog adoption

Which age is best for you_

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