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I drove the first leg of this transport and picked up Dolly at her owner’s home.  Dolly is a pure bred Rotteweiler, all 120 lbs of her, and just as sweet as can be.  She never barked once during my time with her, and this was her very first long-distance road trip.  The Rescue coordinator, Tammy, had worked with the Ms. Wong (Owner) to take Dolly on short rides and getting her used to being in a car.   I had a bit of difficulty transfering her from my car to the next Transport drivers; we ended up parking vehicle as close to the curb and hill as possible.  But Dolly managed to get one foot up in the SUV and we picked her up and heeved her in!  After that, all of the next transfers were easy for her – she caught on quick.  By the end of her trip she qualified to call Shot Gun!

I truly believe that breeds like the Rotteweiler are pre-judged; it comes down to how they are trained and handled from a puppy to maturity, and Ms. Wong did a great job of training Dolly to be okay around people.

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