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3 Apps to Help You Manage Your animal rescue Transport

best animal rescue transport apps

When you’re prepping for your next rescue relay transport, you might want to download a few apps from your favorite app store to make the trip even better.  Here’s a few of our favorites.

3 Amazing apps you’ll want for your next animal rescue transport

1. Waze –

If you haven’t heard of Waze then you’re missing out. Imagine thousands of people reporting traffic, construction, accidents and more in real-time.

Waze helps you find where you are going, and then it recommends the most optimal route but gives you other choices to consider.  It’s free and supported by Google now so you know it’s up to date.  You just plug in the address of your rescue transport hand-off and off you go.

Waze even supports voice commands so you can get updates, make changes and communicate all while keeping your hands on the wheel!

2. Weather Underground –

You definitely need to have a weather app on your phone. One that can show you radar and forecasts is a must.

Don’t settle for your local news app that only shows the local weather.  Instead opt for any of the national apps that you can show weather across the country.

Remember you’re going to be travelling away from your local are so the local news may not show you what you’re headed into so having an app like Weather Underground where you can pick different cities and see the updated radar is a must.

3. Doobert app –doobert

Of course we know you already have the Doobert app but if you don’t, you really need to download it.

We make it easy to find all of the contact information for the other volunteers in your rescue relay, and contacting the TC is easy too.

Want to take photos and share your amazing stories, yup we’ve got that as well.

Check it out on the Apple App Store and Google Play store today.

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