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6 effective animal rescue volunteer elevator pitches

There you are in the elevator of your high-rise, headed to the 45th floor with at least 2 mins of time stuck in a box with complete strangers. Here’s a few examples of an elevator pitch that you can use to sign-up some new volunteers for animals.

You: “Save any lives this weekend?”

Them: “Uh, no.”

You: “Oh that’s right saving the lives of animals is for those of us on the 45th floor. Sorry, my bad.”


You: saying nothing but grinning at them

Them: “Can I help you with something?”

You: “Nope. Just thinking about those animals I saved over the weekend. I’m an animal rescue hero you know.”

Them: “I want to smile like you. Tell me more.”


You: “I’ve got a beautiful roommate who walks around naked all of the time.”

Them: “Uh, ok. That’s good for you.”

You: “Yup. And she lies on my couch all day too while I’m at work.”

Them: “How nice.”

You: “Isn’t it? I know where you can get one too you know.”


You: “I do Doobert. Do you do Doobert?”

Them: “What’s a Doobert?”

You: (looking aghast) “You don’t Doobert? Do you even LIKE animals?”

Them: “Yes I like animals. What’s a Doobert?”

You: “Doobert is like Uber for rescue animals. And you get free puppy kisses!”

Them: “How do I Doobert?”


You: “My foster dog is smarter than your kid you know. He potties all by himself”

Them: “I don’t have a kid.”

You: “Well then. You DEFINITELY need to foster an animal. Your life is incomplete”

Them: “Now that I think about it, my life is incomplete. You’re right!”


You: “10th floor. Puppies and kittens needing foster homes. And I just happen to have applications you can fill out.” [Pro tip: make sure you actually have applications for them to fill out]

Let us know what your best elevator pitch is!

What does Doobert do?


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