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5 Qualities the Best People in the animal rescue Transport Industry Tend to Have

This is a shout out to all of our favorite animal rescue transport volunteers out there with the 5 qualities that they display.  You’ll easily be able to pick out the best transporters in a crowd.

#5 Flexibility –

Anyone that has been in animal rescue relay transport for very long knows the need for this quality.  If you’re not flexible, you’re going to get frustrated really quickly.  Things change all the time.  Animals are added or removed, volunteers sign-up and drop-off and mother nature never cooperates.  A healthy dose of flexibility is needed just to keep yourself sane.




#4 Patience –

When you are dealing with local animal shelters and far away animal rescue groups, you need patience.  These unsung heroes work long hours under difficult conditions caring for the animals and may not be as responsive as you would like to your emails, texts or phone calls.  Give them a break and recognize they put the animals first.




#3 Persistence –

We’re not running Amazon deliveries here.  You have to be persistent to get a rescue relay transport filled.  Lots of sharing the open legs on social media and constant inviting of new volunteers to join the cause is required to make it in this industry.




#2 Compassion –

Many of the rescue animals we’re interacting with can use an extra dose of compassion and the best transporters deliver that in copious amounts.  They know these animals often have not had the best lives to date and may be skittish, scared, and shy.  They also delivery compassion to their fellow volunteers and everyone along the way.



#1 Love – 

Most importantly, the best animal rescue transporters have unbounding amounts of love both for animals and people.  They embody the change they want to see in the world and put more love back into the universe than what they can possibly take out.

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